Monday, March 19, 2012

❤ Pantai-ING ❤

what meaning of my title above?? Im in Pantai Hospital~

Thats my working place~

Actually xneed to work today~

But,I get a call on this morning =.=

from my pretty doctor...

So...I try my best to reach Pantai justnow~

Whats meaning of Personal Assistant..?!

Now...know the meaning already..haha

Actually ill using today geh free time to update my blog~


need to wait until this Friday only can update~ follower..stay tuned baa xDDD

im so lonely..because im working alone today at Pantai~

My colleague all absent today~

p/s: actually im absent too =.=

but,nevermind lahh..

last week already off 3days because my doctor out station

holiday with her family...

actually syok banyak hari already..

cannot scold cannot sad xDDD

but mayb afternoon around 2-3pm++

ill back home soon~

PA maa...din fix time to work one xDDD

11.15am reach Pantai..

around 3pm back home...

good staff I am... hehe


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